Monday, August 31, 2009

I don't want to let you go

Today was the last day. Tomorrow is the first day. Yesterday was nothing.

Goodbye, summer vacation. Hello, work. Summer started out too slow, like laundry out to dry on a cloudy day. Then it sped up so fast it was like a tornado gaining speed, sweeping me up and making me dizzy. It just seems like there is not enough time in the day anymore. I wake up, work on house stuff or school stuff, and that's it.

Good news is, my main bathroom is totally gorgeous. I'm almost jealous that it's not my bathroom. Which just means now I have to put more work into mine to make it look better. If you ever come over to my house, be sure to use the bathroom, even if you don't really have to go. Because you might just want to lock the door and stay in there for a while to gaze at the loveliness.

Other good news, I'm actually getting some artwork and frames up on the walls, and I think I may have found a really excellent sofa and love seat today. I have fabric swatches that I'm trying to decide on, then I'll probably pop back in on Wednesday or something.

I have to go pack my lunch now. And pick out what I am going to wear to work.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Oh hi, remember me?

Good blogging is scarce these days, due to the fact that I just got internet today. Also, mostly due to the fact that my house is an utter disaster and it takes ages to do one little thing. Examples:

Install blinds. Estimated time: 1 hour. Actual Time: 5.5 hours.
Hang up towel rack. Estimated time: 10 minutes. Actual Time: 2 days
Paint bedroom. Estimated time: 4.5 hours. Actual time: 4 days.
Arrange and clean up kitchen. Estimated time: 3 hours. Actual time: 1.5 weeks
Hang bathroom mirror. Estimated time: 15 minutes. Actual time: 35 minutes.
Put up house numbers. Estimated time: 20 minutes. Actual time: 45 minutes.
Install mail box. Estimated time: 30 minutes. Actual time: 0 minutes. But that's because Dan did it for me.

And then work starts on Tuesday. BAhhh. But I have to say, my desk arrangement this year totally rocks. I'll take pictures and post it when you know, my house is put together. If you are wondering what I still have left to do, I'll give you a partial list.

To Do:
*find a dryer I like, buy it, get it delivered
*ditto a sofa and loveseat
*ditto 3 bookshelves ( 6 ft tall, wooden)
*hang up my bathroom mirror
*screw in towel hook in main math
*buy a hand towel ring and install it in main bath
*rake up those stupid pine cones in the back
*re-seed my back grass. I don't call it a backyard because I don't think it's big enough to qualify as a yard or lawn. More like a strip. Literally.
* touch up paint in my room, my bathroom, and the main bathroom
*arrange living room
*get crap out of living room
*figure out this whole stupid wireless internet router business so Natalie and Britt can, you know, check their Facebook
*and a lot more.

Good night.

Friday, August 14, 2009

I have my house

I apologize for not keeping you posted very much this week. I'm sorry. I have the keys to my house and I am moving, painting, setting up utilities, and buying appliances. I will tell you much more later. In the mean time, go rent the first season of Lost. Or Alias. Or Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (because Sully is really hot).

Coming soon: My Neighbors, a play in 3 acts.
Because you basically won't believe it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

From the Files of...(you won't believe what we discover!)

Does the title sound like one of those tabloids? You know, the ones that claim they found a mother who gave birth to an alien, or say that Angelina Jolie stole a baby out of a shopping cart near Saks? Because that's what I was going for.

Click photo to enlarge.

Translation and interpretation:

Jan 31, 1994
Jessamy was techer for Bible today.
I'm not sure what she tried to teach us during Bible study time, but I'm sure it was interesting because...
Mom got mad too!This evokes a really funny image in my head. I'm guessing she never let Jess teach us God's wisdom ever again.
Dad went camping last night. Typical.
Addy is coming in 1 or 2 days. You'd think this was some sort of relative coming to visit, but no. We were anticipating the UPS delivery of my sister's American Girl doll.
Mom is sick too. Chicken soup, m

Feb. 1, 1994
Hi! were having paplick school. I am Doble BoRD!My sister and I were home-schooled, so I'm not exactly what "having public school" meant. Chances are we walked around our house three times and then knocked on a
nother door, greeted our mother as Mrs. Grossen, and set up the dining room as a cafeteria. I totally understand public school causing double boredom. Trying to stay awake in my 9th grade world studies class was impossible.
I have 4 things on my chore card. How domestic.
Jessamy moved her stuff. My sister had a lot of crap and I'm guessing her
model horse collection and cardboard barn was encroaching upon my side of the room. I got pissed when this happened.
Missy fell in the pool yesterday!
Missy was our grey cat. This was probably humorous to witness. She was likely tiptoeing around the edges, admiring her reflection when she toppled in. I wonder how she got out.

So okay, enough about those days. Can we just take one more minute to zoom in on one or two sentences from January 25th?

I'm going to be a clown for Jessy's birthday. Really? I made these sort of sacrifices for my older sister? I distinctly remember the day. My sister had all her friends come over for a party, and I put on my flower printed jean coveralls, the ones with the poofy pant legs. I wore a stupid hat and put red lipstick all over my nose. Then I proceeded to tell really lame jokes and attempt to juggle and do magic tricks.

I wish I could tell you more.
At first I laughed when I read this line. Like, "Jo Jo, I wish you had more interesting things to write about than how you ate breakfast and then got dressed. Quit trying to drown your patheticism by pretending to be Ronald McDonald."

But then I re-read it, and it is actually quite eerie, taking into account the sentence above it. Like maybe I'm really that creepy clown from the Stephen King movie
It, and after the birthday party I plan on lurking around in sewers, peeking out of the grate to spy on my next child victim. And then the next thing you know, you'll be looking around at your starched sheets that are out to dry, wondering why your toddler's red trike is sitting there, empty. Because what you don't know is that Jo Jo the clown has snatched him up. Shiver down your spine?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Uniform Project

Imagine that you have to wear the same black dress/suit every day for an entire year. Sound depressing? Think it would keep you from socializing with friends or going to the same place more than once? One girl manages to make the best of it. In fact, she's downright flaunting her one-piece wardrobe.

While jumping around on yesterday, I discovered this interesting site called The Uniform Project. This woman has pledged to wear the same dress every day for a year as part of an effort to raise money for uniforms for children in India. She layers and accessorizes the outfits and posts every day's get-up on her website. After looking through a month's worth, it seems to me you could save a lot more dough by having a more varied wardrobe, what with all the money it must have cost to buy all the shoes, layers, and accessories for each outfit. Then I discovered that a lot of sites donate clothes to her. Nevertheless, it's quite fascinating to check out. I don't think I could ever wear any of the outfits in public as they look more like costumes than actual everyday clothing, but whatever. Power to her.

Day one.

Day 63.

Day 40.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I Digg It!

And you should digg it, too!

What I am digging this week:

1) I've been searching for something like this forever. On this handy web tool, you link up your e-mail account, and then you can schedule to send e-mails at a later time. I fully intend on utilizing this during the school year when it gets hectic. For example, I'm going to schedule a recurring email that is sent to my work e-mail address at 3:30pm every Wednesday to remind me it's trash night. You can also schedule to send texts to your phone. I'm thinking a "remember to do laundry" at 1pm on Saturdays would be very handy. While I primarily plan on using this tool to remind myself to do things (because while I frequently forget to do domestic chores, I never forget to check my e-mail 17 times a day), it's totally set up for you to e-mail whomever you want. Check it out, it's free!

2) Another free on-line tool, this site allows you to draw the entire floor plan of your house. You customize the room dimensions, add furniture and fixtures, etc. You create the thing in 2D, but when you are finished you can view your home in 3D! I am totally digging this since I am getting my first house very soon, and I plan on mapping out all the square footage. This would still be handy if you are changing the lay-out of just one room. And teachers, use this sucker! I also plan on mapping out my classroom (once I can get back inside to measure the dimensions) and effortlessly trying out a variety of desk placements. It's a dream! Check it out!

3) Okay, so I've been digging this for a while. It's free and you can edit your photos and make them look really professional. I am a horrible photographer, but I've managed to make some really awesome looking photos using Picnik. Use it!

4) I think this article explains its functions better than I can, but basically you make documents on-line and save them on-line, making it easy to access them from anywhere. This will be very handy when I start teaching again. No more e-mailing lesson plans from work to home to work again. If you are one of those college kids doing a dreaded group paper, you can also live edit your drafts. FREE!

5) Target. I always dig Target. They have everything.

6) Rachel McAdams. She's adorable! I am excited to see her in The Time Traveler's Wife, which comes out on August 14th. The film is based on the novel by Audrey Niffenegger. I haven't read the novel yet, but I totally Wikipediad it and now I want to check it out from the library.

7) Gourmet Vegetarian Pizza from Papa Murphy's. Yum! This stuff is good. It has fresh spinach, fresh zucchini, fresh mushrooms, artichoke hearts, Roma tomatoes, onions, and cheese of course. It comes on garlic sauce but I get it on red because I'm not a fan of garlic sauce. My mom bought it the last two times, so we got it with half grilled chicken on one side because she's not a vegetarian. The delectable pizza is piled high with veggies and cheesy goodness and I could eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It was recommended to me by my Aunt Bink.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

From the Files of

I'm starting a new feature called "From the Files of" where you will be privy to the journaling (sp?) from my childhood. I discovered a floral fabric covered journal circa 1994 that my mother forced me to write in daily as part of my home-school education. We'll start there and progress to high school, where things become juicier. I aim to share at least one of these a week.
I recommend clicking on the image because it will blow up in a new window, making it infinitely easier to read. It's really a very authentic experience, much like breaking into the diary of your older sister. However, I will still translate, dissect, and read in between the lines.

Jan. 26 1994
I am going to town. (This was a big deal since I lived out in the country on a dead end road.)
I am very tird. (Either I was tired or I was a turd, or I was tired from passing a turd.)
I will tell you more latter to day. Ok.....I am back! (Awesome. Because you are such an enthralling author.)

Jan. 27 1994
I am having a spelling test today. (I sincerely hope "tired" and "later" was not on the test.)

Jessamy is going to go to Stacie's tomoro. And when Jess is at Stacie's. I get a Sunday! Yum yum! (I apparently could not properly punctuate sentences, but maybe I did it to emphasize how important getting a sundae was. Whenever my sister went to a friend's house, my mother would console me with desserts. Awesome. Your daughter already doesn't have friends, and now you're trying to fatten her up with ice cream? Thanks, Mom. My first connection in linking emotions with food.)

That concludes the first installment in this life revealing series.
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