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Another Good Detective Story
How my detective agency handles business.
A Miniscule Mystery
Another Joelle Rossen Detective Agency story
The Kiojah Tree
A tree living in the forest suffers to find beauty. 
Kevin's Grief
A sad story.
A Contemporary Christmas Story 
Mary and Joseph, revised.

True Life
Beautifully Broken
How being shattered isn't always a bad thing.
My First Successful Business 
How I made a lot of pretend money with my sister as a child.
Pee in This Cup
How I was traumatized by drug testing.
Delusions of an Eight Year Old 
How my sister made me believe things that were not true.
A True High School Story 
How the hottest boy in biology class didn't really like me that much.
Late Night Shopping Trip
How shopping at Winco sucks.
She Had a Premonition
How my great-aunt and middle-name namesake knew of her untimely death.
Love is an Allusion: why we broke up
How I used to have a fake boyfriend but then we mutually ended it.
Popped Cherry
How I don't get paid enough to answer the sort of questions kids ask me.

Why No One Will Go On a Date With Me 
This is probably the most exciting adventure you'll go on. Ever. Unless of course, you ask me out. Haha.
 Why No One Will Even Ask Me Out
 Okay, so not entirely adventurous, but intriguing nonetheless.
 Criminal Intentions
This was sort of almost a true story but I tried to hide my real-life actions under the guise of fiction. 
A Date with Mr. DeCrepitt
A true story of adventure based around old people.

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