Sunday, March 31, 2013

(un)spoken word

Upon his head they set the thorns
the King of Kings
the Lord of Lords
and in his hands they drilled the nails
while his back still bled
from claws of the cat of nine tails
salt in his wounds, a pierce in his side
it was the sentence to a trial
so wrongly tried

he cried out and said “God, It’s finished, I’m done!”
though he saved the world,
many didn’t believe he was the true One

but when Life and Death did battle
with victory did win
Jesus Christ the risen Savior
seated in heaven now with Him
God the Father
our Lord and Creator
the Master the Maker
the Potter the Painter
Elohim and Adonai
Jehovah God, El Shaddai
The Great I Am

Father, Spirit, Son
the Trinity battles tooth and nail
He won’t quit on us
He cannot fail

so to Satan I say, “Let us fight you to the death!
And let the victor be the one who lives a second life.”  
I say “Let Christ fight you till the death!
And name as king the one who gives eternal life.”

see, we’ve spoken lies
and with the same lips kissed truth
we’ve knocked on hearts
and with the same fists broken through
we’ve pledged vows
but of promises, kept few

we deserve death as payment for our sins
but Christ stepped up and said “I’ll take the bill”
he gave up his spirit at the Place of the Skull
saved us on Golgotha hill
he crossed off my sin
and hung my sin on the cross
I am sought after and fought for
though I was but lost

my Jesus he came
to take away all my shame
to heal a heart full of pain
to cleanse me and disinfect me and make me brand new
it is his love and his light that brightly shines through
the window pane of my soul
he windexed and washed
the dust and grime in my life is gone
and the prince of lies has lost

absent is the heart aching
because my God is remaking
I am no longer suffocating
I used to think that
the breath in my lungs is what brought me to life
but the only oxygen that sustains me is called Jesus Christ.
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