Wednesday, January 8, 2014

a short guide to knowing when to post a photo of your coffee

It seems that a lot of individuals are confused about when to post a photograph of their caffeinated  beverage on Instagram or Facebook. Because of this conundrum, I have developed a short guide to help you know when you should go ahead and upload that latte to the internet.

1) The coffee/latte/frappe/macchiato/capuccino/mocha/whatever has impressive or adorable foam art, like a panda or a kitten.
2) The beverage has been poisoned by the barista and you need documentation.
3) The beverage is in an unusual looking mug.*
4) You are having coffee with the president, a world leader, or some otherwise famous person.

If none of the above apply to your coffee drinking experience, then you should just drink your beverage and leave the rest of us out of it. 

*If you are drinking out of a mustache mug, then please do send me a picture. I love mustache mugs.

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