Sunday, August 25, 2013

Why aren't you wearing pants?

These are all true phone conversations I have had with my sister in the course of a Friday evening. 

Her: “Do you want to go to Winco with me?”
Me: “Uh, no.”

Her: “You know the crossdresser on the corner by McDonald’s?”
Me: “Yeah.”
Her: “He got a new dress. It has sequins and sparkles. And there’s a slit that comes up the side.”
Me: “Are you telling me this because you want a dress like it?”
Her: “No.”

Her: “I’m coming up the driveway and I hafta pee! Unlock the door!”
Me: “Hang on, I don’t have any pants on.”
Her: “Why aren’t you wearing pants?”
Me: “Because it was hot.”

Her: “Do you want to do something tomorrow?”
Me: “Like what?”
Her: “You could come to the dump with me.”

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